Allow me to re-introduce myself…

28 mai

My name is The Proof By Me.

J’ai eu la chance et la surprise de voir un de mes papiers traduit en anglais et publié pour le magazine du MidBurn (le Burning Man du désert du Negev) sous le nom foufou de The Proof By Me.

Kiffez, je suis encore plus drôle en anglais.






In this wild world I often get insulted by feminists. All of this because my vision of the couple is binary : good food and good fuck. Now I’m going to explain to you how submission is power.

I remember a friend that refuses blow jobs and doggy style. « You see, I’m not a sub- missive woman » Fuck no, I don’t see! Well I don’t know how she keeps her boyfriends if any position involving kneeling is forbidden. Not only this made mesad.ShealsotoldmeIama whore because I particularly like doggy style and deep throats.

I quickly learned with men that submission is actually gi- ving you the power. On a scale going from cookie baking to hard BDSM, you still have a lot of space in between. And fuck, a little slap didn’t kill anyone. Well I’ll have to check this just in case…

You can cook totally naked for your love until he exited like a donkey. Because for once, he won’t think about the dinner but he’ll dream to bend you on the sink, thanks to his addiction of porn or an Oedipus-syndrome.

Of course when you’re cooking Risotto you want to check it every 3 seconds and if you are small… the sink is a little bit too high and definitely not confor- table. But hey, make an effort, bit- ch. The idea is to make him think that he is the master, and when he is about to say « who’s your Dad- dy ?» he is totally baked. Then you can tell him, or make him do, WHATEVER you want. Guys see the world like a kaleidoscope, a slight move with your shiny ass and here is the new pair of shoes that you have been dreaming of. One look full of pleasure over your shoulder and there is a week at the MidBurn taken care of.

And for those who are cal- ling their lawyers to sue me for a lack of shame let me just tell you: it doesn’t mean that your man doesn’t respect you. Fuck no ! So Blondie let your hair grow it’s easier to grab.


3 Responses to “Allow me to re-introduce myself…”

  1. Dim 30 octobre 2015 at 22 h 39 min #

    Coucou LPPM !

    Ou es tu ? Que deviens-tu ?
    Tes articles m’ont fait rire, réfléchir et me manque.
    Si tu as décidé d’arrêter d’écrire, je tiens à te remercier pour tout ce que tu as pu m’apporter et te souhaite du courage pour la suite.

    • lapreuveparmoi 18 décembre 2016 at 17 h 54 min #

      J’écris pour des magazines et je suis sur une adaptation en livre !

  2. Dim 7 février 2017 at 21 h 33 min #

    Ravi de voir ta réponse !

    Je te félicite ! Je trouve que tu as beaucoup de talent et que tu as un style unique.

    J’attend donc avec impatience cette adaptation !
    Mais comment serais-je que celle ci est sortie ?

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